On June 20 and 21, la Canonja will host a training course on how to combat energy vulnerability through energy communities. The course is part of the El Cable project, a project that INSTA has been developing since 2022 and which aims to strengthen the link between energy communities and vulnerability.

During the two days of the course, presentations by experts in the field from the consulting, activist, political, etc. sectors will be heard. At the same time, the day will serve as a framework for the presentation of the results of the El Cable project, specifically to present the guide that has been developed over the last few months. The full program can be consulted here.

The sessions will take place in the Edifici Època in la Canonja, although you can also follow them live through INSTA’s YouTube channel. Registration is free through the following link.

The conference and the project are promoted by INSTA, promoted by the General Directorate of Social Economy of the Department of Labor of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and is funded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.