INSTA organizes a course on how to combat energy vulnerability through energy communities

On June 20 and 21, la Canonja will host a training course on how to combat energy vulnerability through energy communities. The course is part of the El Cable project, a project that INSTA has been developing since 2022 and which aims to strengthen the link between energy communities and vulnerability. During the two days [...]

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We look out to sea

The Generalitat has begun the process of drafting the new Law for the Planning of the Coast of Catalonia, which aims to be based on an integrated management of the Catalan coastal area with the Generalitat as the reference administration and a greater role for coastal councils.

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Restorative justice in the environmental field

The Catalan and Spanish judicial system protects sufficiently the victim of a crime? In general, the response focuses on punishing the offender without taking into account the needs of the victims, who become witnesses to the judicial process. The victim's participation in the judicial process opens the door to consider that reparation for damage does [...]

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