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Commissioned by the village of la Canonja, INSTA has begun work on the drafting of the Management Plan and Land Uses in the orchards of la Canonja .
The orchards are last agricultural area of the municipality of Canonja . Despite the agricultural tradition of almost all municipalities of Tarragona , the conversion of uses, the devaluation of the price of agricultural products and the progressive industrialization of the region, has remained the primary sector in decline . Parallel to the reduction of farming , has succeeded in abandoning those lands that were formerly allocated to the crop, generating a degradation of the environment in many municipalities as laCanonja .
The area of orchards of la Canonja currently occupies about 136 acres, used mainly for the cultivation of olive trees, urban gardens and other minor uses. There is a part that is obsolete or even abandoned.
We are facing a typical suburban landscape formed by elements of nature horticultural farming , particularly fragmented and diversified. An agricultural landscape that complements the Riera de la Boella, a nature area that is achieving considerable importance . The town requires a space and accessible in order to develop activities walking , leisure and sport , this makes the management and planning uses Orchards is absolutely necessary .
The proposed plan has begun urging include aspects such as the agricultural revitalization , ecological restructuring , public use and recreation , land stewardship , citizen participation , and regulation of space.
Expected project completion in winter 2014.

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