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From June 30 to July 5 will take place in Tarragona the Congress of the Academy of Environmental Law of IUCN (IUCNAEL) . For six days, environmental law experts from around the world will discuss issues related to environmental law and energy.

In this congress, INSTA will present a paper about the environmental energy conflicts in the province of Tarragona. This region of Catalonia meets the main power plants in Catalonia, with three nuclear reactors, many wind power plants, cogeneration power plant , hydroelectric and solar power plants. To this, we have to add marine oil platforms, marine wind power projects, new oil exploration along the coast, a submarine gas storage (CASTOR), an abandoned project of warehouse for nuclear waste and differents electric transportation lines and a proposed new line that will cross the province. All these projects had not been exempt from social conflicts, debates on the energy model and territorial balance, and numerous open legal proceedings, cases have reached the courts, judgments, etc.

The paper will consider the various actors involved, the role of environmental law in these conflicts and the energy model and territorial balance.

So, what do you think ?