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From the Environmental Volunteer Network of Catalonia (XVAC) is organized this meeting “New Catalan volunteer law: that affect environmental volunteering? ” Which will take place on February 10th at 19 pm in Agenda 21 Barcelona (Nil Fabra , 2).

On Tuesday 10th December the Draft Law on Volunteering in Catalonia was approved by the Government of Catalonia and January 13th was processed the text to the Parliament of Catalonia .

Will participate in this meeting:

  • Josep Planas: Bureau of Information and Environmental Education . Department of Planning and Sustainability. Government of Catalonia.
  • Marc Viñas: Office of Social and Voluntary Cooperation. Department of Social Welfare and Family. Government of Catalonia.
  • Eulàlia Mas: Manager of the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering (FCVS).
  • Joan Pons: INSTA – Serveis Jurídics Ambientals.

Moderated by Juanjo Butron (XVAC)

You can confirm your assistance to the email address: info@xvac.cat
You can find the law in http://www.parlament.cat/activitat/bopc/10b228.pdf

So, what do you think ?