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As part of the process of drafting and discussion of the Plan of Arrangement and Management of Uses of the Orchards in la Canonja , has been called the first session of participation, open to all citizens of this town of Tarragonès . The session will take place on Tuesday 28th of January at 7 pm in the noble hall of the Masricart Castle in la Canonja .

The purpose of the meeting is to present the diagnosis of the orchards, that INSTA  has developed recently, ear the public opinion and began to draw proposals for the future of this agricultural area .

Participants, organizated in work groups, will provide their views on different aspects of orchards as product marketing, diversification, safety, aesthetic improvement, transfer of property, land stewardship, arrangement roads, etc.

Based on the conclusions of the meeting, the team will begin drafting the Plan; it will be presented in a new session of return.

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