Regulation of urban beekeeping

At the request of the association Apis Urbis, which promotes the care of bees, increase their presence in urban environments and in rural establishments, contribute to the coexistence between humans and bees through their knowledge and collaborate with the health of both, INSTA initiates a collaboration in order to find the best legal fit for this activity.
Through the comparative study and analysis of the urban reality of each space where you want to promote urban beekeeping, INSTA will offer the best legal mechanisms so that this activity can be carried out normally. It should be borne in mind that beekeeping is a traditional activity that has a positive impact in many areas, from honey production itself, to education, social integration, etc. without underestimating the fundamental contribution of bees in the biological cycles of ecosystems.
Breaking prejudices and weaving new horizons for beekeeping will be two of the main challenges that Apis Urbis and INSTA will face.