Elaboration of a report on the regulation of urban birds


On behalf of Biodiversitat.cat, INSTA has drawn up an analysis report on the regulatory legal framework for urban birds. The report has updated the current legal framework, recently nuanced by some judicial pronouncements, in relation to the consideration of certain species of birds as wild in urban environments. The work has been key when the [...]

Renewable with the Territory


"Renewables with the Territory: a shared vision" promotes multi-sector dialogue with actors and protagonists of the energy transition, while encouraging participation to address the main issues and generate positive proposals, mechanisms and solutions taking into account social, economic and environmental aspects , of archaeological heritage and regulation. The project has proposed months of constant communication [...]

Regulation of public use in natural spaces


Commissioned by the General Sub-Directorate for Information and Sustainability Promotion of the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, INSTA has analyzed the legal framework relating to the regulation of public use of natural spaces in Catalonia. The project has included the preparation of a legal manual for local bodies, a legal diagnosis and [...]

Training in managers of energy communities


As part of a course for managers of energy communities organized by the Salvador Seguí Municipal Employment Institute of Lleida , INSTA has taught different sessions of the course. Specifically, the sessions where the legislative and regulatory framework of the energy communities, their legal forms and the organizational and internal functioning elements that must be [...]

Constitution of the Network of Test Agrarian Spaces


INSTA has accompanied the Red de Espacios Test Agrarios (RETA) in its constitution as an association. INSTA dynamized different work spaces among the members of RETA in order to see what could be the best legal form to adopt, what aspects to include in its statutes and accompany them in the legal steps for its [...]

Advice on the creation of Local Energy Communities


INSTA is offering advisory and support services in the creation of Local Energy Communities. This new reality, due to the energy transition, requires specialized legal advice on the administrative formalization of the Communities, legal fitting, the relationship between the agents involved, agreements and conventions between the parties, etc. INSTA, from its expertise and at the [...]

Course of biodiversity management in natural and urban spaces


Organized by the College of Environmentalists of Catalonia, INSTA has given different sessions in the course on biodiversity management in natural and urban spaces. Specifically, training modules have been offered on legislation relating to the natural environment, biodiversity and protected natural spaces. During the sessions, the applicable international, European and national legislative framework was presented, [...]

Climate change and energy transition course


Promoted by the College of Environmentalists of Catalonia, INSTA has taught and coordinated the online course on climate change and energy transition. The training addressed issues related to the legal framework for climate change and energy, as well as the transition to renewable energy, the fight against energy poverty and energy communities. The course also [...]

Support and training services at CoopCamp 21-24


During the period 2021-2024, INSTA will offer support and training services to the Ateneu Cooperatiu del Camp de Tarragona, as a promoter. During this period INSTA will offer support in the field of legal formulation of Local Energy Communities, constitution of Agricultural Test Spaces and conflict management. At the same time, training will be offered [...]

Watteco, investment in renewable energy with social currency


INSTA has advised the cooperative company Watteco, an initiative that aims to help local communities to make the energy transition in a more collaborative and participatory way, involving citizens, facilitating the collective financing of renewable projects, rewarding to investors based on the energy generated and encouraging local trade with a virtual currency. INSTA's advice has [...]

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