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In a ceremony held on Thursday 3th of March at the Institute of Catalan Studies, was presented the group Conservació.Cat, a group of professional conservation constituted by people of diverse backgrounds (biologists, environmentalists, foresters and agronomists, geologists, geographers, economists …) and self-employed or related to public administration, environmental agencies or organizations, companies and academic institutions.

During the event was presented the first collective work, a document drawn up last month, entitled “Action Plan for the conservation of the natural heritage in Catalonia.” It is a roadmap to address the main challenges identified and ensure that conservation policies regain their rightful place in accordance with the values ​​and the potential in Catalonia. The plan is divided into seven thematic areas that will not be exhaustive proposals that group now considered most urgent priorities:

1. Creating new organizational structures and institutions to improve governance of natural heritage.
2. Establish and approve the legal framework and develop strategies to ensure the conservation of the natural heritage of Catalonia.
3. To learn more about the natural heritage and biodiversity of Catalonia.
4. Plan and effectively manage protected areas and the different elements of the natural heritage of the country.
5. Ensure mainstreaming and specific prevalence and natural heritage in sectoral policies.
6. Consider the value of the natural heritage in the Catalan economy, strengthen the financing of the maintenance and care responsibility outside of Catalonia in the conservation of global biodiversity.
7. Improve communication, training and education towards natural, encouraging involvement of society in conservation.

Joan Pons, INSTA member and head of the Environmental Action and Territory Area, is member of the group Conservació.Cat and contributes with his knowledge and expertise in areas such as legislation around the conservation of the natural environment in Catalonia, the environmental conflict management and working with the third sector.

More information: www.conservaciocat.org

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