Environmental legal advice

Monitoring and updating of the application of environmental regulations

Making outsourcing and update of the application of environmental regulations. With the intention to guide and advise the organization in order to comply with environmental regulations.

Processing of administrative procedures

Processing of licensing activities, environmental permits, authorizations specific to the corresponding Administration, etc..

Preparation and processing of claims

In administrative processes in the public administration develops plans, programs and projects, individuals or associations in defense of the environment can be affected and require the drafting and prosecution of allegations to defend their interests. The services offered also include processing and tracking of administrative appeals and, if necessary, continued judicial process.

Legal advice for individuals and companies

Environmental issues affecting the daily lives of citizens and their quality of life. There are, thus, the need for citizens to receive advice that is based on a report which looks at the different ways to defend their rights.

Advice on the preparation of local environmental regulations

Advise the Government on the development of local regulations, through regulations and ordinances, including environmental.

Monitoring and updating of environmental grants

Monitoring and updating the grants that are interested in the organization for its material or territorial level in the field of environmental law.