New ISO 14001, marks a trend towards the unification of ISO standards.

With the new ISO 14.001 the environmental management system opens up to the drift of the unification of ISO standards for greater ease, in practice, for the implementation, review and maintenance of ISO standards in organizations that they make the great effort to implement a system of quality and above all, of environmental management. The following are the main changes between the two regulations that are the subject of study in this article, and where it is tried to shed some light on the substantive question: The new ISO 14001 marks a trend towards the unification of the ISO standards?

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Restorative justice in the environmental field

The Catalan and Spanish judicial system protects sufficiently the victim of a crime? In general, the response focuses on punishing the offender without taking into account the needs of the victims, who become witnesses to the judicial process. The victim's participation in the judicial process opens the door to consider that reparation for damage does [...]

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