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Last October, the Governing Council of the URV recognized this project as business start-ups URV, in accordance with the rules of entrepreneurship around the URV, which recognizes as Start -up those business initiatives initiative of URV students.

The purpose of this award is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and the URV, where the company can demonstrate to third parties recognized as Start-up company URV, offering a brand image. Both the purpose and business activity of the company are related to the knowledge areas of the URV.

During the processing of this recognition, the company has received the support of URV Recovery Unit, located at the Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation (CTTI) Foundation and Chair of URV the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Business Creation of the URV.

The agreement was signed by the president Josep Anton Ferré, by the URV and Joan Pons representing INSTA.

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