In INSTA we organize our services in three areas presented, in order to facilitate working with different customers and offer a quick and efficient communication with each responsible.

Environmental Action and Territory Area

Through this area, INSTA offers advice on environmental conflicts, managing the administrative processing of the appeal proceedings and allegation, leading the defense of environmental protection in court and facilitating mediation between the parties.

The area’s mission is to work for environmental protection and resolution of environmental conflicts and aims to offer a complete service from the beginning of the environmental process to completion.

The objectives of the area are:

  • Provide an integrated environmental vision and legal tools to tackling environmental conflict.
  • Ensure objectivity in the procedure.
  • Learn about the cases raised to provide the greatest degree of information and possible reality.
  • Accompany the parties throughout the environmental and/or judicial administrative proceeding, offering the best service at each stage.
  • Ask a global vision of environmental conflicts that allows face it from an holistic view.

Responsible of this area is Joan Pons . Specialized in environmental conflict management and knowledgeable about the territory and its problems.

Consulting Area

With this area, INSTA aims to help organizations to ensure they meet the requirements of environmental regulations governing their activity.

This legal compliance serves the organization to give an image of confidence, showing a willingness to work for quality, and at the same time, to protect the environment. It can also help improve the competitiveness of the organization, since environmental legislation helps to improve the efficiency of consumption of natural resources (water, energy, waste …).

The objectives of the area are:

  • Meet environmental legal inquiries from our customers, always holistically.
  • Accompany the client and reach the personalized way to ensure the best service.
  • Having a network of specialized partners to complement our services and provide a complete response to meet the demands of customers.
  • Accompany the client throughout the environmental administrative and/or judicial, offering the best service at each stage.

Responsible of this area is Jordi Recordà . Specialized in compliance with environmental law.

Sustainability, Research and Innovation Area

With this area INSTA aims to deepen on environmental legal analysis, create new knowledge and contribute to innovation tools for sustainability.

At the same time, we want to open new environmental law areas of sustainable development to introduce INSTA in new sectors that will shape the future of our society.

The objectives of the area are:

  • Create added value to our clientes. INSTA has the capacity to create knowledge and apply it to offer a a “plus” that our customers can capitalize.
  • Develop new sustainability issues leveraging our expertise in legal advice. For example: eco-design, responsible consumption or eco-neighborhoods or “gaps” of cities.
  • Help to develop positive social transformation projects: collaborative economics, social currency, collaborative distinctive quality, among others.
  • Internationalizing our company from working in innovation.
  • Expand the network of partners in new sectors of the Social and Solidary Economy to deepen the relationship develop between environmental axis, social and economic.

Responsible of this area is Jordi Recorda . Specialized in sustainability, it offers an holistic and cross view to facilitate customer understanding of environmental regulations.