The commitment to environmental protection and make it compatible with human activity are INSTA DNA. What motivates us is to work for sustainability from the domain of legal tools.

Ignorance of the rules affect environmental degradation and the loss of competitiveness of economic and social actors. We want our work to help the whole society.

Today, alternative solutions are needed for a model with more social equity, and accountability of economic actors. To adapt to the new reality, environmental law should cover new needs and to open up new sectors of sustainability.

This new paradigm requires specialists to integrate legal expertise with technical, to provide a holistic and transversal vision, and thus find the most suitable solutions for our customers: this is the main value that identifies INSTA.

What can we do?
  • Explain clearly and accurately the impact of environmental regulations on our customers. Our attorneys have experience and good communication skills to explain simply what seems an unintelligible code.
  • Exposing understandably the most appropriate legal instruments to defend the environment and quality of life of people.
  • Advise customers on the best way to reconcile benefits of their activity and the respect of environmental regulations.
  • Promote dialogue and consensus between the actors of the territory in order to prioritize mediation ahead of court proceedings.
  • Integrate knowledge from different subjects (legal and technical) to offer an interdisciplinary approach when drawing up our reports.
  • Provide expertise adequate to meet the needs of our customers through our network of expert collaborators.
  • Working with crosscutting to open up to new themes and new disciplines such as the social and solidarity economy, circular economy or the Social Responsibility of Companies.
  • Generate knowledge from our research activity.
  • Educate our customers on environmental regulations and legal procedures that are of interest.