Singular company

To carry out our mission, we have some capabilities and strengths that differentiate us as a company.

We explain you in 8 points:

The commitment to our mission

Each of us live the commitment to environmental protection. Since involvement in organizations in collaborative projects or by continuous training. We integrate the environment into everyday decisions. We believe and act accordingly.

Our way of working
  • Legal and practical vision and technical expertise on environmental legal compliance of organizations.
  • Holistic and crosscutting approach. Our training and experience helps us to interrelate the various environmental issues and understand the problem in its global view.
  • We have proximity and presence in the territory. Each land has its own peculiarities and we are aware of it.
  • We are creating a competitive ecosystem. We have a wide network of expert collaborators in different subjects that allow us to successfully tackle the expectations of our customers.
Open to the world

We draw inspiration from international experience of our team members. We are able to create projects with other countries and we have been able to export import projects and ideas to innovate and to defend the common good.

Corporate culture
  • We work without “heads” or employees. No one imposes, but we guide, teach and inspire to help other teammates.
  • We pamper motivation! We care because each of the team members is leader in its sector, have autonomy to develop their experience and to find the elements to carry out their vocation.
  • We are responsible for our work. We are free to organize and commitment to work for excellence.
  • Strong bet for the continuing education of our team. We want to improve the skills and competencies that help us develop our talent.
A positive attitude
  • We practice active listening. We want the best possible communication between our team members, customers and collaborators.
  • We wanted to eat the world! Don’t stop: we are always training in complementary topics, new issues lounged to experience in sustainability, we are in contact with experts from other disciplines, we leave the comfort to live our commitment.
We committed to innovation
  • The people who make up our team are restless and trained. These skills create an atmosphere of trust to achieve major challenges and gain experience.
  • We provide solutions for environmental legal issues stop being a problem and see it as an opportunity.
  • We add talent to make our services more competitive. We are prepared to identify the challenges of sustainability and to develop creative solutions.
  • At present, we have created new knowledge to improve legal certainty in different areas. In addition, we have been able to explain in different publications and conferences.
Our brand: the right of sustainability

In INSTA we understand the regulatory framework not as an accumulation of obligations, but as the regulation of a practice that should facilitate the achievement of objectives desired by society, while the fullness of making supports the activity of organizations with the means ambient.

Today’s society demands alternative solutions for a more sustainable model. Not enough, regulations to protect environmental goods, social equity, economic progress and greater accountability of the actors are also required.

To meet these new challenges, we believe that the action of the law should consider sustainability as a common good to be protected. Therefore, we use the concept of right of sustainability.

6 more reasons to trust in us
  • We offer security. We build trust because we know the legal framework and know the procedures to apply.
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of customer data. With INSTA, customers are in good hands.
  • With our hiring will benefit a company committed to the defense of the common good and society as a whole.
  • Peace of mind for the customer. We have a network of collaborators that allow us to assume the globality of legal projects in full.
  • Our projects are set to delivery and price, ensuring the highest quality.