Joan Pons Solé

Environmentalist (member 1017 to Col·legi d’Ambientòlegs de Catalunya). He developed his professional career in the fields of the programs and projects of environmental conservation, and environmental education. Specializes in environmental law has also served actions of environmental action by the third sector, supporting the defense of the territory.



Jordi Recordà Cos

Environmentalist (member 959 to Col·legi d’Ambientòlegs de Catalunya). Specializing in landscape management, water an waste management, and environmental law. Experience in Catalonia, France, Italy and Scotland. This work has been carried out in the area of environmental third sector and public administration.

Ivan Hortigüela Bolsa

Environmental lawyer (member 2951 of Il·lustre Col·legi d’Advocats de Tarragona). He has developed his professional work in the fields of water law, urban planning and land use planning and environmental crime. He also have experience in legal support and assistance in different jurisdictional orders, teaching and university research.