• Author : Jordi Recordà Cos
  • Year of publication : 2012
  • Magazine : Catalan Journal of Environmental Law

The need to improve the conservation of freshwater aquatic spaces has forced us to overcome the traditional action of the Administration, to act, also, in private natural spaces. The intervention of new actors such as landowners and civil society, through custodians, has been framed in land stewardship agreements.

Custody action in these areas (river stewardship, CF) is subject to legal limits, such as compliance with the Water Framework Directive, the determination of the scope of action and the competent administrations. involved. In Catalonia, the data from the last inventory (2009) show that 176 agreements have been made, which are broken down into 5 different types. The protection of almost 32,000 ha, both in private and public estates, highlights the potential of these instruments, and their progressive consolidation.

The CF’s intervention in water resources is proposed, regardless of where they are located, to intervene in maintenance flows and regenerated water. The case of private waters is also raised, in which CF entities could intervene to ensure the sustainable use of the resource.

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