"Instar, to ask for something that is considered fair."

Who we are?

Who we are?

INSTA is a young team of consultants specializing in environmental law. INSTA integrates environmental and legal knowledge to provide customized services in the environmental legal advice.

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In wich we works?

We are organized into three areas to provide legal advisory services, environmental legal compliance, environmental defense, training, environmental appraisals, environmental conflict mediation and research and innovation in environmental law and sustainability.

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Last news

INSTA, pioneers in the tools that facilitate territorial dialogue

Published2020-01-09 08:58:58

Jordi Recordà has received recognition from the European Forum for Restorative Justice, for publishing a very innovative activity focused on environmental dialogue to protect water quality

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Acceso a la tierra: reto y necesidad

Published2018-11-09 10:23:35

Cada vez son más los municipios que optan por una regulación y facilitación del acceso a la tierra y el contacto entre los interesados ​​a través de bancos de tierras