How environmental law can deal with environmental conflicts

INSTA participated in the VIII National Congress of Environmental Law that was organized in Seville. The congress had relevant papers on the future of environmental law in Spain, analysis of environmental law in sectors such as environmental assessment, urban planning, energy, climate change, among others. The meeting also served to pay tribute to Professor Ramón [...]

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Innovative legal tools applied to land stewardship, for the conservation of ecosystem services in Catalonia

Author : Aitana de la Varga Pastor and Joan Pons Solé Year of publication : 2018 Magazine : Journal of Ecosystem Services Quality water is a scarce resource that requires proper management to ensure its sustainability. Rational resource management has recently begun to be regulated by environmental law. In this regard, the management of the [...]

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Analysis of the potential of river stewardship in Catalonia, and innovation proposals

Author : Jordi Recordà Cos Year of publication : 2012 Magazine : Catalan Journal of Environmental Law The need to improve the conservation of freshwater aquatic spaces has forced us to overcome the traditional action of the Administration, to act, also, in private natural spaces. The intervention of new actors such as landowners and civil [...]

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International and comparative environmental law: current issues

Author : VVAA Year of publication : 2014 Editorial : Huygens Editorial The progressive degradation of the environment is one of the great challenges of our contemporary society. Processes such as deforestation, desertification, global warming as a result of greenhouse gases, water pollution levels, air, land and living things are some of the major disorders [...]

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Analysis of the responsibility of the custodians in the agreements

Have you ever considered the responsibilities that a custodian may incur with the activities it carries out? From the responsibilities towards the property, or towards the third parties that pass through the estate, to responsibilities of an administrative or criminal nature that may arise due to the negligent management of the natural environment. INSTA prepared [...]

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