INSTA organizes a course on how to combat energy vulnerability through energy communities

On June 20 and 21, la Canonja will host a training course on how to combat energy vulnerability through energy communities. The course is part of the El Cable project, a project that INSTA has been developing since 2022 and which aims to strengthen the link between energy communities and vulnerability. During the two days [...]

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INSTA participates in the third European mission of the RESPONDET project on energy communities and circular economy in Krakow

In November 30th and December 1st, 2022, INSTA's lawyer, Ivan Hortigüela, participated in the third mission of the project "Regional Social Economy Policies for Sustainable Community-Driven Environmental Transition" (RESPONDET) in Krakow (Poland) ). The RESPONDET project focuses on the green and digital transition from the social economy in local territories and is co-financed by the [...]

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INSTA will develop a project to eradicate energy poverty through energy communities

INSTA has been the beneficiary of the last call for Singulars projects to promote the social and solidarity economy, promoted by the Department of Labor of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Specifically for the promotion of a project through which energy poverty is fought through collective renewable energy projects, such as energy communities. The project aims [...]

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INSTA continues to promote pioneering projects to develop Restorative Justice in the environmental field

INSTA will participate in the work team of the research project "RESTORATIVE JUSTICE RESEARCH PROJECT FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AND ANIMAL CRIMES: DESIGN OF PREVENTIVE, INTERVENTION AND REPAIR PROGRAMS IN A GLOBAL FRAMEWORK". Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2021-2025) and led by researcher Gema Varona (Basque Institute of Criminology, University of the [...]

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Ivan Hortigüela wins the competition for the Waste 0 Ideas Generation Program

Ivan Hortigüela Bolsa, INSTA's lawyer specializing in Environmental Law, has been part of the winning team in the competition for the 13th edition of the Idea Generation Program of the Research Park of the Autonomous University of Barcelona held on 12 May . The project of the team proposes the identification and classification of the [...]

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Insta participates in the “Navigating Climate Justice” training of The Climate Reality Project (Europe)

Our lawyer specializing in Environmental Law, Gastón Medici-Colombo, participated as a speaker in the “Navigating Climate Justice” training organized by the European section of The Climate Reality Project which took place in March 2022. Gastón spoke as an expert in the “Advocating for Climate Justice in Your Community” session with a presentation that addressed the [...]

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INSTA celebrates its first 10 years (2012-2022)

This year INSTA celebrates its first 10 years! It was in 2012 when three partners (Jordi Recordà, Joan Pons and Jordi Solé) created this consultancy specializing in environmental law. 10 years later, with a long accumulated experience and new people who have joined, INSTA wants to continue many more years in the defense of environmental [...]

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Gastón Medici joins the INSTA team

Since February 21, INSTA has expanded its team with Gastón Medici-Colombo. Gastón is an environmental lawyer, with a long career in environmental litigation, access to information and participation. He also holds a doctorate in environmental law from the URV. The whole INSTA team welcomes you and wishes you every success in this new professional stage!

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Joan Pons Solé becomes a member of the IUCN Commission on Environmental Law

Joan Pons Solé, environmentalist and founder of INSTA, has been accepted as a member of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) is a network of environmental law and policy experts from all regions of the world who offer their knowledge [...]

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INSTA participates in the podcast “Conversion into a cooperative” of the Social Economy Program

Recently, the podcast “Conversion into a cooperative” promoted by the Social Economy Program of the Department of Labor of the Generalitat de Catalunya was published, in which INSTA participated together with the Bildi cooperative and explained how the process of change was to a cooperative from a previous legal figure, as well as the motivations [...]

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