Advice on the “Access To Land” project, for access to land in Europe

INSTA advises on the “Access To Land” project, a European project that aims to strengthen practical knowledge in the field of access to land for agro-ecological farmers. The aim is to encourage the emergence and consolidation of grassroots initiatives, working to ensure access to land and land stewardship, as well as the promotion of a broader evolution of policies and regulations on the use and the management of the national territory and the EU.

The INSTA team will draw up the guide to good practices and recommendations for the local world, which will encourage access to land based on a diagnosis prepared by the project partners and a series of recommendations on aspects such as spatial planning, legal guarantees, fiscal policy, social policy and the regulation of land and its property.

The “Access To Land” project is made up of Catalan organizations such as the Land and Rural Custody Network, but also organizations from Italy, Belgium, France, Romania and the United Kingdom, and is funded by the Erasmus + program.