Project Description

“Renewables with the Territory: a shared vision” promotes multi-sector dialogue with actors and protagonists of the energy transition, while encouraging participation to address the main issues and generate positive proposals, mechanisms and solutions taking into account social, economic and environmental aspects , of archaeological heritage and regulation.

The project has proposed months of constant communication with these multi-sector actors, through four dialogue sessions in which the issues related to this process, interviews and communication were addressed. The first of these sessions discussed the synergies of deploying renewables with local economic activities for employment and job opportunities, such as agriculture, beekeeping, livestock or rural tourism. In subsequent sessions, the profit return mechanisms for territories with renewable projects were addressed; also of the exposure processes and public opinion on renewable energy projects, as well as working together with all the actors on the guides or criteria for the future deployment areas of renewables.

From INSTA we have participated in this project promoted by the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development and in collaboration with Eudemon project, providing our environmental legal knowledge, contributing to the regulatory analysis of the renewables sector in Spain and its autonomous communities, as well as conducting a legal review of the road map proposals.

More information about the project here .