Project Description

La Plana de secà de l’Alt Camp is an agricultural area located between 14 municipalities in the region: Aiguamúrcia, Alió, Bràfim, Cabra del Camp, Pla de Santa Maria, Pont d’Armentera, Figuerola del Camp, Montferri, Nulles , Puigpelat, Vallmoll, Valls, Vila-rodona and Vilabella.

Recently, initiatives promoted by organizations and companies in the region have highlighted the need to revitalize the space, articulate a network of economic and social agents and at the same time provide landscape and agricultural protection to the space. For this last reason, INSTA was commissioned to write a report that diagnoses the current agricultural landscape of the Alt Camp Dry Plain and identifies legislation and tools to ensure protection of the soil and the landscape. agricultural space.

For all this, the Catalan legislative framework in matters of land use planning and protection was analyzed, and the protection instruments that would be most suitable for the Alt Camp Drought Plain were identified. The protection that the current urban, territorial and sectorial planning provides to the Alt Camp Dry Plain was also analyzed. Finally, a proposal is made for actions to be taken to achieve the protection of the space.