Water studies

The INSTA team has a long personal experience in the elaboration of studies, reports and research works in the matter of waters, in what affects to distribution of competitions, juridical regime, appearances linked to the saving of water, among others.

Some of the examples of topics covered are the following:

  • The problem of water in the recent reforms of the Statutes of Autonomy of some Autonomous Communities.
  • Analysis of the right of water in France.
  • Analysis of the evolution of River Custody in Catalonia, and innovation proposals.
  • Analysis of the legal regime of regenerated waters.
  • Legal framework for water saving. Special reference to the local area.
  • Analysis of the policy of the Generalitat de Catalunya during the last episodes of drought.
  • Analysis of the jurisdictional regime over the Guadalquivir basin in the Statute of Autonomy of Andalusia.