The winning initiatives of the 1st edition of the CoopCamp 2020 Awards have recently been made public and INSTA has won the 1st prize in the newly created category. In this first edition of the CoopCamp Awards, a total of 9 entities have been presented, 5 in the newly created category and 4 in the consolidation category, of which the Jury has decided to award

The jury valued the process of transforming INSTA into a work cooperative, which has chosen to offer an environmental law service that guarantees adaptation processes in areas such as environmental health and education and because it is an entity that forms part of the XES and collaborates with start ups of the Camp de Tarragona. In addition, it provides its services to entities in the 3rd sector and associations in environmental legal advice.

On the other hand, the Liana de Trespeus Cultural Association Project has won the first prize in the consolidation category because it is a non-profit organization that through the LIANA project promotes the articulation of a self-managed network and the intercooperation of consumers – distributors – agro-ecological producers in Priorat, Baix i Alt Camp and Conca de Barberà, as well as the creation of a physical store in Arbolí, a web store and a market place .

In the current period of economic and social crisis, cooperativism represents more than ever a tool for work self-organization, where people become the center of the project, in which members organize themselves horizontally and equally.

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