Through a collaboration agreement between the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and INSTA, the INSTA lawyer Ivan Hortigüela initiates an Industrial Doctorate through which he will investigate and deepen knowledge on criminal liability in matters related to waste plastics.

Research in this field will be tutored at the business level by Joan Pons Solé, founding partner of INSTA and environmentalist specializing in environmental law with extensive experience in projects for environmental preservation, environmental education and land defense. At the academic level, this research will be tutored by Dr. Maria Marquès Banqué, Professor of Criminal Law in the Department of Public Law at Rovira i Virgili University with extensive research in environmental criminal law and criminal policies in the risk society.

Through this research task, which has a planned duration of three years, the aim is not only to acquire knowledge and study the latest developments in the legal context of this topic, but also to develop a task that has a positive impact on the business fabric of Catalonia and that favors the preservation of the environment and the protection of the health of the people of the threat that nowadays supposes the plastic waste.