INSTA will participate in the work team of the research project “RESTORATIVE JUSTICE RESEARCH PROJECT FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AND ANIMAL CRIMES: DESIGN OF PREVENTIVE, INTERVENTION AND REPAIR PROGRAMS IN A GLOBAL FRAMEWORK”. Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2021-2025) and led by researcher Gema Varona (Basque Institute of Criminology, University of the Basque Country).

This project will allow working together with several state research centers (University of the Basque Country, Cadiz, Zaragoza and Seville), and international (University of Leuven and the Australian National University), as well as the European Forum of Restorative Justice .

The project will address the difficult issue of the use of restorative justice for environmental and animal crimes. For more information you can consult the document.

The project envisages several actions until 2025. We highlight some theoretical and practical workshops that will bring together environmental and animal organizations, prosecutors, judges, lawyers and restorative justice professionals. These workshops are planned for 2023 in San Sebastian and we will keep you informed about the organization of this event.