This week INSTA has completed the training sessions of the business acceleration program “Camp Tgn Up”, promoted by the Diputació de Tarragona with the aim of promoting the growth and consolidation of emerging companies in the region.

Over the last few months, INSTA has received training in project design, lean startup methodology, accounting, finance, marketing, communication, sales, public presentations, among others. The sessions have also served to network between different startups in the region, where the knowledge of all has served to grow each and every one of the participating projects.

One of the ideas developed by INSTA, throughout the acceleration program, has been how to encourage participatory processes of equitable environmental dialogue. In this sense, the current shortcomings in participation procedures in environmental matters have been identified, while the needs of the actors involved in situations of environmental conflict have been detected. From this work, INSTA has improved its management and mediation capabilities in these situations and strengthens its offer to the community for the management of environmental conflicts.

In the coming weeks, when the state of health alarm is raised, the program will enter its final phase and INSTA will have an individualized mentoring to finish consolidating the knowledge acquired and achieve the proposed acceleration objectives.