Is the new culture of the territory new?

Reflections by Joan Pons, member of INSTA, on the concept of the new culture of the territory and its validity today. The new culture of the territory is not as new as we think, but what traditional ecology and territorial scientific knowledge has worked for so many years, now has its translation in the form of culture.

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25,000 European citizens have already signed the PEOPLE4SOIL petition to protect our food, health and nature

On World Soil Day 430 organizations call on Europe to give a right to land and save land. INSTA is part of the network of entities that support it.

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INSTA is a social and solidarity company

We are already present on the “Pam a pam” map. An initiative that promotes the social and solidarity economy (ESS) and that selects companies with these values based on an exhaustive analysis.

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Municipal ordinances to reduce food waste?

Legal regulation of food waste can help implement more realistic and effective measures. Recently, France has regulated this issue. Other countries such as Belgium already have more regulatory experience, and have opted for action at the municipal level.

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