Environmental dialogue to protect water quality

Environmental protection is possible when dialogue between actors is guaranteed. From INSTA we are very clear and it is for this reason that we have been training for years in specific tools to achieve this: restorative practices. Jordi Recordà, a member of INSTA, has received recognition from the European Forum for Restorative Justice, by publishing, [...]

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Ecosystem Services: Concepts, methodologies and instruments for research and applied use

Author : VVAA Year of publication : 2016 Editorial : Quaderns de Medi Ambient - Universitat de Girona The “Ecosystem Services” (ES) framework opens the door to common ground between ecology and the economy in the face of the challenge of planetary sustainability. The application of the available methodologies and instruments reveals both the high [...]

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International and comparative environmental law: current issues

Author : VVAA Year of publication : 2014 Editorial : Huygens Editorial The progressive degradation of the environment is one of the great challenges of our contemporary society. Processes such as deforestation, desertification, global warming as a result of greenhouse gases, water pollution levels, air, land and living things are some of the major disorders [...]

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Tools for the regulation of environmental services in ecosystems in Catalonia

Author : Joan Pons Solé Year of publication : 2014 Editorial : Rovira i Virgili University Collection : Quaderns de Dret Ambiental, 7, 1a ed. The conception and vision of the natural environment as a reality that goes beyond the material, perceptible and tangible elements is the key to understanding the dynamics that occur in [...]

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Analysis of the responsibility of the custodians in the agreements

Have you ever considered the responsibilities that a custodian may incur with the activities it carries out? From the responsibilities towards the property, or towards the third parties that pass through the estate, to responsibilities of an administrative or criminal nature that may arise due to the negligent management of the natural environment. INSTA prepared [...]

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Handbook on land stewardship as a tool to promote social involvement with the natural environment in Europe

With the land stewardship manual, “Caring for nature together. Handbook on land stewardship as a tool to promote social participation with the natural environment in Europe ”, instruments and tools are offered to put into practice in the territory, with a focus at European level. The Handbook shows the great potential of Land Stewardship as [...]

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Legal framework for water saving

Author : Jordi Recordà Cos Year of publication : 2012 Editorial : Rovira i Virgili University Collection : Quaderns de Dret Ambiental, 6, 1a ed. Quality water is a scarce resource that requires proper management to ensure its sustainability. Rational resource management has recently begun to be regulated by environmental law. In this regard, the [...]

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